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Talks and Slide Shows by Stan Griffin

1. Introduction to Cacti & Succulents
emonstration and some audience participation
A talk to introduce the basic cultivation techniques of succulent care, including a re-potting demonstration. Clients may bring along plants to be used and identified.

2. Slide FX
A series of short slide shows set to music, giving you a relaxed evening of entertainment.

3. So you think you've got problems! Followed by "A Travellers' Tale".
A talk describing how I began with a hobby and ended with a business. Plenty of detailed cultivation techniques with interactive audience discussion. The evening is concluded with a tale of a cactus expedition that was not how it was exactly planned.

4. Name that plant?
Begins with a simple explanation of plant naming and ends by testing the audiences' knowledge of cactus and succulent names.

5. Moon Valley and back.
First part of a trip to Argentina to see spectacular countryside and plants.

5. The fortress, Yavi and the jungle.
Second part of the trip to Argentina, the succulent plant hunter's dream.

7. Argentina, the unseen photos.
First steps into digital photography with the shots not captured on slide.

8. 'Around the shows in 80 minutes (or thereabouts!)
Not just a matter of turning up on the day and selling plants. Months of planning and military style execution to present the public with identifiable style and pleasure.


Cost for each talk is £75 plus 75p per return mile. Call Stan on 07788 753215 or click here to email us




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